Earrings "Cog" green SOLD!

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Measurements:  3 x 27 mm
Material: Vegetable tanned leather, nickle-free black metallic earring hook 12 x 25 mm
Color: Green

N B The color tones in the images may differ from the color tones that appear on your screen!


- Good way to hold the leather "moisturized”, smooth and softer-flexible is using beeswax creams (also makes more water resistant). Beeswax can change a bit the color of leather, so make sure to try on smaller corner/or piece of leather.

- Try to keep leather accessories away from direct sunlight and heat!

- When leather has gotten wet, let it dry at room temperature. 

- Clean the hooks with a cotton or wool cloth to prevent loss of shine and luster. Avoid sudden bending and scratches.   

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