Leather Tote Bag Lu, black SOLD!

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Zippered leather tote bag. Good option for everyday use, eg at work, shop or school.

Measurements: 35 x 26 x 9 cm
Material: natural leather
Color: black

The bag has lblack lining with pocket.

Straps: 2,5 x 74 cm
Material: veg tanned leather
Color: black

In addition: black lining with zippered pocket 
Decoration: big leather white-silver fishbone 


- Good way to hold the leather "moisturized”, smooth and softer-flexible is using beeswax creams (also makes more water resistant). Beeswax can change a bit the color of leather, so make sure to try on smaller corner/or piece of leather. Second option is to buy spray protectant
- If possible try to switch bags (bags that aren´t in use – keep it stuffed/and cover with protective case for keeping away the dust), so it keeps them better shape and condition
- Try to keep leather bags and accessories away from direct sunlight and heat
- Correct packing – try to do not carry heavy items, which can stretch and later break the handles
- Also put sharp and staining items in protective cases.
- When leather has got wet, let it to dry at room temperature


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