Bowl With Handle "OGA", yellow-beige

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This ceramic bowl with handle is fired in high temperature electric oven 1245 °C. It is suitable in a room as an eye catcher or for someone who just wants something different and funky! The main keywords are neutral tone, uniqueness and tension.

The product inside has been glazed with ARS yellow glaze.

Inspiration: cacti, chestnuts, thistles and something sharp that does not sting. 

Dimensions: 130 x 65 mm

Material: yellowish-orange decorative clay with chamotte 


The color tones in the images may differ from the color tones that appear on your screen. 

NB! Postage outside of Estonia depends on destination.               



- Wash the product by hand with water and use a suitable dishwashing detergent.

- NB! Caution, although the product is durable, it is still a ceramic! Therefore, keep it safe, avoid hits and falls, as the product may get damaged.

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