Cross Body/ Chest Bag/ Belt Bag Sebra

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This zippered crossbody bag is simple and minimalist with added funk. The details are on the bag as well as on the strap. An ideal accessory that can hold important items such as a phone, keys, money, etc. Use it everyday for travelling, walking or enjoying at the cafe!

Measurements: bag size is 11,5  x 23 cm, leather strap is 2 x ca 112 cm

Material: light washable kraft paper with zebra print

Color: black/ print

Black leather strap is removable and has carbines at the ends

Additional: metallic fittings

This bag can be also worn vertically on the chest or horizontally on the waist. 

The color tones in the images may differ from the color tones that appear on your screen. 


- Product material is light, durable and well moldable washable paper, which is also water-resistant.
- Cleaned with soft cotton cloth. Avoid strong friction.
- Do not soak this product!
- Let the wet product dry in room temperature.
- Put sharp and staining items in protective cases while carrying them.
- If possible, try to switch bags (bags that aren´t in use – keep it stuffed/and cover with protective case for keeping away the dust), so it keeps them in better shape and condition.
That product is covered with foil or print- DO NOT WASH, SOAK AND IRON!
Thank you!

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