Cookies Policy

This Online Store is using cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a browser automatically is storing from a device which is used by a customer. Cookies are used to collect information about how the customer is using the Online Store in order to provide a better user experience for the customer.

The Online Store is using following cookies:

• session cookies with the purpose to enable the use of the Online Store;

• persistent cookies with the purpose to remember the customer's choices in the Online Store;

• first-party and / or third-party cookies with the purpose to display personalized advertising and offers for the customer.

• Third-party analysis cookies with the purpose to optimize marketing communications.

The customer may delete or block the stored cookies on their devices by modifying the specific settings on their browser. If not using cookies, the Online Store may not work as intended and some of the functionality may not be available to the customer.

In addition to the use of analysis cookies, the Online Store is also using pixels (pixel tags, web-beacons) to monitor the use of the seller's website. In doing so the identifiable information will not be processed.